Some Big News and Party Shoes

Party Shoes!

Kids, we have a new baby at home. His name is Owen.

About a year after we began our application to adopt, we got the call from the social worker on December 30th to meet our son the next day. I've written all about it over on my blog if you want the tale, but here I want to talk a little about tiny feet.

A one-month-old's feet are tiny!

Ok, that's really all there is to say about it.

After the 30-day revocation period (in British Columbia, an adopted child's birth mother has 30 days to change her mind about the adoption), when we knew Owen would be staying with us, we wanted to officially welcome him to the family with a little party.

Up to that time, we'd been dressing the dashing lad mostly in sleepers. I mean, why torture yourself with tiny pants? No need. But for the party, I got Owen a less pajamasy one-piece outfit, and the kid needed shoes.

Over the previous three weeks, I'd become accustomed to having pretty much no time to do anything but laundry, and I was working my way up to occasionally reading three pages of a novel at a time. So I was very pleased to discover that with a deadline, I was totally able to crochet Owen a pair of simple booties in under a day. (Since then I've managed to find some more yarn time, and one day I even read fifty pages. I feel like superwoman, thankyouverymuch.)

Pattern: SLK Baby Booties
Hook: 4.0mm (US size G)
Yarn: Scrap from my stash – Pear Tree Supersoft 10 Ply for the main colour, Blue Sky Alpacas Mélange for the trim
Modifications: I used an adjustable loop to start and began with 7 stitches instead of 9 and adjusted stitch counts accordingly (otherwise, even using a smaller hook than called for, the booties would have been far too big); instead of the cuff I worked a round of double crochet in a contrasting colour to end up with booties that are more like socks.
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Smiles, they have arrived.

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