Solomon’s Knot or Macramé? Can You Tell the Difference?

I love handmade home décor (you might have picked up on that if you’ve seen my posts about mandala rugs and wall hangings), so I’ve had my eye on macramé projects for the home for a long time. But do I have time to learn a new craft? With almost 20 WIPs (works in progress) stored in my craft room, I think I need to focus on crochet. I love the look of macramé projects, though, and really want to add them to my home décor.


Solomon’s knot!


Can you tell which project uses Solomon’s Knot and which uses macramé?


Solomon’s Knot

Solomon’s knot is a crochet stitch also referred to as Solomon’s lace, lover’s knot, or knot stitch. It’s a historic lace-making technique that involves single crochet stitches and elongated stitches. It has a very similar appearance to a type of macramé knot. It’s not a common technique, so it took a little refresher and some practice before I was able to confidently work the stitch.

I watched Robyn Chachula’s video to help me learn the basics for creating Solomon’s knot lace. I practiced the stitch a bit, then got to work on a project: a glass bottle cozy. I made my project specifically to fit around my chosen glass bottle, your bottle might be a different size, so take the time to experiment. I made a series of chains to hang the bottle and worked up a bottom to hold the bottle in place. Now I’m hooked on Solomon’s knot!

More Solomon’s Knot

If you experiment with this stitch and make a faux macramé bottle holder, you might get hooked on this stitch, too! For more Solomon’s knot practice, try the Dolores Crochet Top, the Topanga Crochet Tunic, or the Juanita Top.


If you love Solomon’s knot but want to tackle a new craft, we have the perfect book to get you started! Macramé for Beginners and Beyond is the handmade home décor book of your dreams, and it includes all the information you need to get started with macramé. The book begins with clear descriptions, illustrations, and images for every kind of macramé knot used in the diverse projects. It explains the difference between different types of knotting cords and the materials you will need to complete your first project, and it even describes finishing techniques that will make your home décor ready to display in any setting.

More Macramé

Macramé for Beginners and Beyond includes 24 projects for your home and garden. While I might not be ready to tackle this new craft just yet, I keep this book on my desk as a constant source of inspiration. After I learn the macramé version of this bottle holder, I hope to tackle the Basic Wall Hanging, the Simple Bunting, and the Deck Chair!

Could your expert eye determine the difference between these crafts? Which one are you most excited to tackle?

Let us know in the comments below!

Happy stitching OR knotting!

Editor, Interweave Crochet

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  1. Melitta M at 8:23 am May 14, 2018

    I can tell the difference between crochet Salomon’s knot and macrame Salomon’s knot. In macrame you end up with a sturdier, bigger outcome, and it does not look like the made in crochet – they are pretty different!

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