So much is going on!

First, the August/September issue is coming. It'll be here by the end of tomorrow. And it'll have the most extensive article on cotton yarns — it'll make you plotz. Oh, and have I mentioned the fairy tale finger puppets? Brace yourselves.

Second, here's some of that long-lost love between crocheters and knitters I keep blabbin' on about. I was invited by the ever-talented and always-entertaining Shannon Okey (author of the forthcoming Knitgrrl) to join Team Knitty in the CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto this fall, but I can't go. It's a fabulous cause, and if you have some money earmarked for good causes like this, I urge you to support Shannon and the rest of the team (donation links in sidebar; and check out the rad gift certificate bonus from Shannon's online shop). They're working wonders, I tell ya.

And finally — I'm nearly plotzing, myself, over this one — I'm on Me and Cecily. For the last six months we have been wearing out our fingers writing and crocheting a book — Teach Yourself Visually: Crocheting (weird title, great book). It's a comprehensive, full-colour-photograph illustrated crochet how-to. It'll hit shelves in December, but I'm sure our publisher wouldn't mind if you felt like pre-ordering from the convenience of your computer. I'm pretty psyched to have discovered this tonight. Pinch me. (Oh, and please note that the cover shown is not the final version; it's just a mock-up that'll be used until the final cover is completed. Those are Cecily's hands, though. And a big thank-you to Annette for allowing us temporary use of her gorgeous flower photo!)

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