Small Biz Saturday: The Loopy Ewe

You might think you’re in the wrong place as you step onto an elevator in what looks like an office building to get to The Loopy Ewe yarn and fabric shop. Once you step onto the second floor and take a right, you know you are where you’re supposed to be. The friendly open door of the shop displays a friendly welcome message to all who seek yarn, fabric, notions, and the like. Someone going in for yarn might be pleasantly surprised to also find a wide variety of bags, as well as hooded sweatshirts donning The Loopy Ewe’s logo.

The Loopy Ewe opened about ten years ago, originally located in the Des Peres neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. In 2011 the owner, Sheri, packed up and moved the entire operation to Fort Collins, Colorado. Leaving the Midwest behind didn’t require a second thought. She admits, “We just love the mountains.” Since then The Loopy Ewe has built up a strong community of fiber enthusiasts and also opened a whole fabric side of the business. Exploring the many possibilities that can happen when creative minds embrace textiles and fiber is the sweet mission of this crafty business.

There is a lovely corner toward the front door you see right when you walk in filled with comfortable seating. This is where folks gather for Knit and Stitch nights on Thursdays. Take a left and you’ll see long rows of shelves, filled to the brim with the specialty yarn we love. Walk past the yarn shelves and you’ll find yourself in the fabric portion of the store, which has every color and design a sewist or quilter could want! The Loopy Ewe also offers classes, which is great news for anyone in the area looking to learn more about their craft, or who wants to learn an entirely new craft.

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