SSJ – Learn This Join & Make These Crochet Fingerless Mitts!

The Apple Picking Mitts by Sue Perez immediately caught my eye as I went searching for a new project. I have an affinity for crochet accessories so these quickly became the next project on the list.

The beautiful cable stitch pattern paired with an ingenious join method made these challenging but fun. I started and restarted a few times as I got the hang of the pattern, but it's pretty typical for me to keep trying until I get it just right. (Who out there can relate?)

Each time I finished a row and used the slipped slip join (ssj) I got a little better at it. With how useful technique can be, I wanted to give you all a chance to try it as well.

How to Do the Slipped Slip Join (ssj)

We’re going to demonstrate ssj by working the first two rows of the Apple Picking Mitts. You’ll need:

Yarn: Cloudborn Fibers Highland DK (100% wool; 164 yd [150 m]/1.8 oz [50 g]; ): 1 hank.

Hook: Size G/6 (4.25 mm)(affiliate link).

Notions: St marker.

Stitches: See our master glossary for terms you don’t know.


Foundation row: Leaving a 6" length,
[ch 2, hdc in back ridge of 2nd ch from hook] 15 times—15 hdc.

Rnd 1: (RS) Ch 2 and place st marker in the first ch made,
sk row-end, working in same back ridge lps as hdc,
sc in back ridge lp of first ch,
[ch 1, sk next hdc, sc in next back ridge lp] 14 times,
ssj (see below) in marked beg ch-2—15 sc, 14 ch-1 sps.

Slipped slip join (ssj): Holding yarn tail on WS, drop hook from lp, insert hook from WS to RS of indicated st, place dropped lp on hook, draw lp through, pull tail to tighten lp and close join.

My Apple Picking Mitt in Cloudborn Fibers Highland DK; Shaela Heather

Let’s try that one more time. Drop the loop from your hook. Insert your hook from wrong side to right side of indicated stitch, grab the loop you dropped and draw it through, then pull the tail to tighten.

The key is making sure your working yarn tail is on the wrong side of your work before you join, which prevents extra loops of yarn from showing on the right side of your work. Also, when you've worked the front or back loop around for the rest of the row, as is done throughout these mitts, be sure to join in the same manner.

And just like that, you already have the first two rows of the Apple Picking Mitts down!

If you are ready to continue to make a pair for yourself, you can download the pattern instantly in our store. After spending so much quality time with the yarn, I highly recommend getting your hands on a hank of Cloudborn Fibers Highland DK. You won’t regret it.


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