Six Ways to Wear a Crocheted Shawl

I love making shawls. But I have trouble wearing them—it just doesn't come naturally to me. Sarah Read, our project editor, can totally wear shawls. I try to learn from her. So, with the help of my friend, Peggy Sue, I styled the Moss Fern Wrap by Kimberly McAlindin (worked in my own azalea colors) to show you six ways to wear a shawl.

The Classic: Wrap around your shoulders and tie in front.
The Sidewinder: Wrap over one shoulder and tie under the other arm. Designer Vashti Braha wears this style often, quite fantabulously. The Babushka: It takes attitude to wear a shawl over your head (especially for Peggy Sue, who doesn't have a head.) Totally practical though, when snow is falling.
Tie Back: This works for a shawl with long points. Wrap the points around the back and tie. Back Around: Place the back of the shawl around your front, then wrap and pull the ties to the front. You can tie the ends around your neck if you like. Super Scarf: This is the way I most often wear a shawl. Scrunch the shawl around your neck and wrap and fluff. This is especially lovely with a shawl with a rich border.

I'd love to hear how you wear your shawls! Be sure to check out the fabulous designs in our Best of 2010: Top Ten Patterns for Shawls, Scarves, and Wraps. If you see a couple patterns you like, you should grab it up, since you will get ten patterns for less than the price of three! The Best of 2010 eBooks (including Crochet Accessories and Crochet Sweaters) will be moving out of the store soon, so get them while you can!

Enjoy your crochet!



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