Simply Circular

Recently, my need for a felted crochet item and my ownership of feltable yarn came together in a happy place. For a while.

I checked out Crochet Me and found just the right pattern in the Simple Crochet Patterns (this eBook is free!) It's the Country Rug by Susan Huxley. I don't actually need a rug, but this was a good template for me to start from.

I grabbed up my Manos del Maxima in neon shades (btw, if you have a tween in the house, you totally need this neon yarn this summer). Holding two strands together, I set about making a circle.

I used a Size N hook. This fabulous hook is hand-crafted by Katherine Kowalski. It is gorgeous to look at and it's a dream to crochet with.
See? The hook part is very friendly.

Yarn-management was key with this circle. For two of the colors, I drew from two balls. For two other colors I had just the one ball, so I pulled the yarn ends from the inside and outside. The colors switch pretty frequently, so there's quite a bit of snipping involved.


The point where you switch colors can leave loose stitches.
Fret not! Just tie off the ends on the back, and the loose stitch will tighten on the front.


Look at all those crazy ends on the back! After it's felted, those yarn ends can be cut right off without raveling.

//And right in here, magic happens: I put the circle in the washing machine, with HOT water and a wee bit of soap and run it the full cycle//

And right here is where I'm thinking that maybe less time would have been better.

My circle was supposed to be a chair mat. I crocheted a circle bigger than the seat of the chair, but boy howdy! That yarn sure did shrink. Even though I doubled the yarn, I used a pretty big hook, so there was a lot of space for shrinkage. And it did get all hot and agitated in the washer.

Therefore, even though the colors of mat and chair match like nobody's business, it is simply not big enough to do the job.

Well, then, what exactly lies in store for this felted circle? How will it earn its keep? Where will it share is cheery wonder?

I tried it out as a centerpiece. It's kind of nice with that candle.

It would be a pretty great trivet (and how great would it be if there was actually some dinner in that dish?)

It took a little lie-down on the blue couch, but there's already a crochet party going on there.
Door decoration? Nah.

Really big ort catcher? Maaayyybe.

So, here's our takeaway:

Manos del Uruguay Maxima is >great< for felting. But make your project big enough to allow for shrinkage. Or use a smaller hook and make tight stitches (less room for it to shrink down).

Katherine Kowalski hooks are super-delicious to crochet with.

Simple Crochet Patterns is a great launching point for patterns. If you go off-pattern, where you land is all your own responsibility.

Truly, somebody should fill that casserole dish for dinner already.


P.S. Got ideas for the felted circle? Do share.

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