Simple Post Earings


Some simple post earrings. And my very first pattern to boot! :o) so, if there are errors, or a simpler/wiser way to write it down/communicate it – feel more than free to let me know.

Materials List

Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread size 5 in Linen

1.0 Crochet hook

22 Light Gold Supra Metallic Czech 11/0 seed Beads

Bead needle – button bead thread

circle post earring backs

washable fabric glue.

Finished Size

1 inch


There are only two rows to crochet, so as large as you want.

The Pattern

CH 5, Connect to first Ch with a slip stitch – (creating a circle)

Row 1: (going through the center of the circle) hdc 10 times: Connect to first hdc with a slip stitch

Row 2: *Ch 5, slip stitch in first hdc, Ch 3 Slip stitch in next hdc*. (repeat from * to * all the way around.) Tie off

°sew the gold beads around the center then glue to the post backs. Using a washable fabric glue to secure the crochet to the metal post earring back gives the earring longer staying power then other glues, because the washable fabric glue doesn’t break down as you sweat.

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