Simple Hooded Scarf and Headband


Debbie G.


I made it for my daughter when she was 17, She’s now 27!

(Designed by me, Jan. 1991)

Materials List

For Hooded Scarf: 4 x 50 gm. balls of variegated knitting worsted yarn, or color of choice. 4 mm hook, old pillowcase or fabric for lining.

For Headband:1 50 gm ball of knitting worsted yarn, 4 mm hook.

Finished Size

Hood: 10 inches x 48 inchesHeadband: 9″ x 3″



The Pattern

-Chain 45.
-Dc in 2 ch from hook, and in each ch to end. ch 2 and turn.

-Repeat for 110 rows.

Finishing: Fold in half and sc from fold down for about 12 inches. Line with a double lair of fabric. I used an old pillowcase. I inserted one corner into the other and slipped it into the scarf to measure. Cut and sew together and then into the scarf. Make a tassel and a fringe for the bottom.

For Headband:
Side 1
-ch 45
-dc in 3ch from hook and in every ch till end, ch 2 and turn.
-repeat for 5 rows
-Decrease by 4sc for 5 rows until you have 10 rows total.
-Fasten off and make the other side.

-To finish, sew both sides together at ends.

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