Simple Amigurumi Owl


Sara Duggan – Momwithahook


I’ve been crocheting a lot of animals lately and technically since they are all crocheted in the round they are called Amigurumi. So here goes my Owl Amigurumi pattern. Now this pattern is for the basic body. You can add whatever you will to make this owl YOURS. I added easy hot glued google eyes, little crochet wings, crocheted talons and because I had it at the time a maple leaf nose. (I now add a felt nose)

Materials List

You’ll need some scraps of Each color you will be using as well as an F or G crochet hook.

(In the picture I used Sage Red Heart 4ply acrylic Yarn. )

If you will be crocheting the wings, talons, and eyes you will need more.

For an Owl exactly like that in the picture:
Sage Yarn
Chocolate Yarn
Fiber Fill
Tapestry Needle
Google Eyes
Hot Glue/gun

Felt (nose)

Finished Size

The size depends on your needle size and yarn thickness. In this version I used a size G needle and 4ply acrylic yarn. It is 3 inches High and about about 2.5 inches stuffed.


Gauge is not important for this project.


Talons are crocheted in one piece and then hotglued or sewn to the bottom of the Owl.

Crochet in the Round without joining.(spiral) Mark the end of rounds with a stitch marker to keep track of rows.

The Pattern

Pattern is available at

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