Crochet Corner Wants to Know: What’s in Your Bag?

We’re all making the Martha’s Vineyard Tote. It’s the perfect accessory for summer, and it holds all your stuff! Check out what the editors in the Crochet Corner are carting around in their raffia crochet totes this summer.

Lisa Espinosa – Books Editorial Coordinator

crochet tote

As a gigging musician, lover of languages, and hoarder of yarn, I can think of plenty of things I’ll carry around in the Martha’s Vineyard Tote bag. My small satchel of crochet gear would be the first thing to go in it, beside which I can see my bagged cello extras such as spare strings and clothespins to hold down wayward sheet music. A grammar book and a spiral notebook could nestle behind those 2 because I love to study on the go. To top it off, I envision one (or more!) of my many crochet projects taking refuge in this gorgeous, functional raffia crochet tote!

Susanna Tobias—Crochet Project Editor

Games have always been a huge part of my life. Some of my best memories have to do with game playing with my family, especially my grandparents. One of my grandma’s favorite games was Scrabble, but unfortunately, it’s not always portable. So when I came across Bananagrams, I was totally stoked! This game combines spelling with speed, making it sort of a portable speed Scrabble. For the purists out there, yes, I know Bananagrams and Scrabble are different, but I would put them in the same game family. Anyway, if I were going to pack this bag, I would put in a blanket for comfort and Bananagrams, because what’s better than sitting someplace on a comfy crocheted blanket playing a game with people you love?!

Sara Dudek—Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

crochet tote

I love this tote bag for summer! I’ve always been a big purse carrier—I like to be prepared. This bag will cart around my creative tool kit for the summer. In my Martha’s Vineyard Tote, I’m carrying my camera with a fancy granny square strap that I made years ago. I also have a sketchbook/notebook for when a great idea strikes me. Of course, I have my WIP (the Emergence Shawl) in my brand-new all-time favorite project bag (from Pendleton and Interweave!) and my favorite set of crochet hooks. I also have to bring a shawl with me, because I freeze when places turn up the air conditioning in the summer (the Ghost Ranch Shawlette is a favorite—of course). I’m so glad the Martha’s Vineyard Tote is large enough to carry it all with me. Let the summer of creating begin!

Dana Bincer—Associate Editor, Love of Crochet


My family loves to play Frisbee at the park. There are three games we enjoy playing together: a simple game of catch, a more aerobic game of Monkey in the Middle (sort of like keep-away), and the most challenging game of goalie, which is similar to a free kick in soccer only played with a Frisbee.

Martha’s Vineyard Tote makes it super easy for me to pack a bag of essentials before we head out to the park. The Frisbee, snacks, water, sunscreen, and a blanket are all must-haves for our afternoon of play. I confess that the blanket is more for me than the rest of the family. I often sit out when it comes time to play goalie. For some reason, I tend to duck and run for cover when a flying disc is thrown at me rather than doing what a goalie should do and reach out to block the shot.
I love Martha’s Vineyard Tote because it’s large enough for an afternoon out, and it flares at the top, allowing me to tuck in one more essential, like tissues, or jerky, or bandaids, or sunglasses, or . . . well, you get the picture.

The bag is convenient for trips to the park and gorgeous enough to be used as an everyday handbag. I took it to TNNA in June 2017 and it worked great for carrying water, magazines, and yarn. I look forward to using Martha’s Vineyard Tote as a project bag, too, when I attend my future crochet guild meetings.

What will you cart around in your Martha’s Vineyard Tote? Let us know in the comments, or send us a picture with you and your bag out there having fun!
Happy stitching!

—Crochet Corner

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