Servers: Sometimes They Don’t Serve

As you know, we launched the Spring issue yesterday, and it's likely you've had a hard time accessing the site. In a stunning feat of crocheter-power, traffic to was so heavy that the server couldn't stand up to it. I've been in touch with our web host all day today, and together we have implemented some changes to help keep the site from crashing. One of those changes is to temporarily disable comments site-wide. Once the traffic onslaught for the new issue has subsided somewhat, I will re-enable them. So save up your thoughts — we love to hear from you!

Obviously, this has convinced us that we'll need some hardware upgrades even before the site relaunches in June. Please watch for newsletters and blog posts warning of any downtime that might result from upgrades; we'll do our best to work late at night so you won't even notice a problem.

For now, we thank you so much for your continued patience as pages are slow to load. On the upside, it's pretty awesome to have problems from being too popular. Thank you!

Also, check out Annette Petavy's column, which managed to get lost in the fray of our launch last night.

I'm going to pass out for several days. Back soon. 

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