See the Lights!

OK, so fine, it's a little early to put your holiday lights up. But, people, there's an arctic cold front on the way! So it's certainly not too early to don a scarf—and why not be festive about it?

Cool, yes? This is the cover project on our DIY Holiday issue, a medley of crafty projects from across our wonderful Interweave world. The garland on the cover inspired me to try my hook at a sized-up version. Instead of "stringing" the lights, I attached them tip to base using a slip stitch.

Here are the detes: Red Heart With Love in All. The. Colors. Hold doubled and use a size M/13 (19 mm) hook.

And fast? Boy howdy. I whipped this up in an afternoon between answering emails. Honest.

So, if it really is too early for you to be stringing up holiday lights—it's not too early to whip up a garland for everyone to wear in your holiday picture.

Love it, but don't know how to do all the marvelous crafts in this special issue? We've got you covered. Check out our DIY Holiday Resources page. Empower yourself.


Be happy. Crochet on.

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