Seaming Crochet Slippers

Afghans, jewelry, sweaters, and even slippers, you can create anything with the crochet granny square. And there is something inherently homey about this classic motif; it makes me want to curl up with a view of the mountains, a good book, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Ella Slippers by Dora Ohrenstein  

I drank my first cup of hot chocolate for the fall the other day when dipping temperatures forced me to pull out my coat. So it isn't surprising that the first project I crocheted from Crochetscene was the Ella Slippers by Dora Ohrenstein.

Comprised of just five full granny squares and two half squares, each slipper only needed to evening for me to complete, which should help me avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome. And more importantly, they were fun and easy to crochet.

Once the motifs for one slipper were complete, and because I am fascinated by different seaming techniques, I experiment with the best way to join the motifs for a comfortable and solid seam. Slip stitch left an uncomfortable seam and whipstitch looked a bit messy against the granny squares, so I settled on a seaming technique that is very similar to sewing, and that the designer herself used.

You can either hold your two motifs to be joined back to back with wrong sides facing or lay them on a surface with the stitches to be joined abutting. Choose whichever is most comfortable for you. Insert your needle from right side to wrong side underneath one loop of the middle chain of the corner. Next insert the needle from wrong side to right side underneath one loop of the same chain in the corresponding square.


Now insert the needle from the right side to the wrong side underneath the loop of next stitch of the square you just worked into. Next insert your needle from wrong side to right side under the loop in the cooresponding squares. Practice pulling your stitches tight enough to create a solid seam but not so tight as to create bunching.

Continue seaming in this manner until you have your own pair of retro granny square slippers, and don't forget to put the kettle on to boil water for your own hot chocolate.


You will find two fabulous Ella Slipper kits in the Crochet Me store for a limited time. The pink kit includes not only the digital pattern but enough yarn to crochet the slippers in the colorway showcased in the magazine. The blue kit includes the digital pattern and yarn in Indigo Blue, Cornflower, and Chartreus. I love the combination of colors.

Order your Ella Slipper kit today!

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P.S. Do you crochet slippers? Share where you would wear them in the comments.

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