Seaming Crochet Afghans

With snow in the forecast, I am pulling out my winter crochet projects-you know, the ones that cover your lap and keep you toasty warm when the temperatures drop. My favorite fall and winter patterns are crochet afghans. I love to crochet them and then cuddle under them while I crochet my latest project on a chilly evening.

Crochet Motif Afghan—The Moorish Mosaic Afghan

Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent

Currently I am working on a Moorish Mosaic Afghan for my living room. Crocheting this afghan is an exciting adventure. The motifs are easy and worked individually, making them perfect for traveling or visiting. My favorite part is that each motif is worked in a different combination of colors so that, even though each is worked in the same pattern, it is exciting to watch each motif develop.

Crochet afghan—Painted Turtle Afghan

Painted Turtle Afghan by Edie Eckman

I have two rows of motifs finished and, in order to keep them in their proper order, I have started seaming them together. When you are sewing afghan motifs together, there are several seaming options.

A single crochet or slip stitch crochet seam is very sturdy but will be very visible. The Painted Turtle Afghan uses the visibility of this seam to its advantage, working it in orange and using it as a design element. Whipstitch, another very visible seam, is another great sewing technique to use not only to seam together motifs but also as a design component.

I wanted a seam that would be almost invisible. I decided to use the mattress stitch seam. This seam can be hidden, even when using a contrasting seaming yarn color.

Seaming a crochet afghan 1 To work the mattress stitch, insert the needle under the back loop of the edge stitch of the motif closest to the needle.

Because my stitches were loose, I also inserted the needle under the horizontal loop just below the back loop. This, along with the nature of the cotton yarn used, made my seam slightly more visible on the wrong side of the afghan, but created a tighter, more stable seam.

Next insert the hook under the back loop of the corresponding stitch of the motif far motif. Pull the stitch tight to create a firm seam.     Repeat the last two steps across the length of the motif. I periodically turned the motifs so the right side to check the seam-and to admire the progress of the afghan.

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Moorish Mosaic Afghan, Crochet Motif Afghan SeamingBest wishes,

P.S. What is your favorite crochet afghan style?

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