Seaming Crochet Afghans with Slip Stitch

I need a new winter crochet afghan for my living room. Februaries are notoriously cold here, and I love to curl up with a warm afghan, a movie, and my latest crochet project. It’s the best way to spend a winter evening—okay, any evening.

AfricanFlowerAfghanThe pattern I choose has to be a motif afghan. I know I would become distracted too easily if I worked the afghan all in one piece, and it would never get finished.

Crocheting multiple motifs keeps me excited about the pattern, and I love the feeling of accomplishment you get with each finished motif. I especially love motif afghans where motifs are worked in different color combinations. The African Flower Afghan from Cold Weather Crochet is perfect!

The method used to seam the motifs together also caught my eye. The motifs are seamed together into rows and then the rows are joined together. This is one of the best uses of the slip stitch seam I have seen. I love the texture!

Slip stitch seaming is easy too. Here is how you do it.

slipstitchseam1Slip Stitch Seam: Make a slipknot with seaming yarn and place on hook. With the wrong side of pieces facing each other, *insert hook through both pieces of fabric under the stitch loops, wrap yarn around hook to form a loop (Figure 1), and pull loop back through both pieces of fabric and through the loop already on hook (Figure 2). Repeat from *, maintaining firm, even tension.


Order or download your copy of Cold Weather Crochet for the incredible African Flower Afghan pattern and twenty more incredible patterns.

You can also pre-order the African Flower Afghan Kit. You will receive a copy of Cold Weather Crochet and all of the yarn you need to crochet your own gorgeous afghan. Hurry and get yours before they are all gone.

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P.S. Share your favorite stitch for joining crochet afghan motifs in the comments.

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