Scarf Season: A Reason to Hook On

It’s scarf season, and we are all about offering you the opportunity to not only create a stunning piece for yourself, but to learn a new technique that will enhance your projects long-term.

scarf season

Neck warmers are essential for the chill of winter, and this brilliant orange scarflette will make a great addition to your cold weather wardrobe. Better still, this pattern comes as part of a great deal: the kit includes three skeins of Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk yarn and a copy of Interweave Crochet Winter 2016. This means you’ll get the yarn and pattern for the scarflette, PLUS a magazine chock-full of fantastic projects ranging from home décor to garments to accessories. What could be better than that?

But wait—there’s more! How about the chance to learn a different technique? Flickering Scarflette uses the crocodile stitch technique, which will have you working around the posts of V-stitches to make this lovely layered creation. Choose terrific buttons to add even more flair to this already outstanding project. When you’re done, people will wonder where you acquired such a showstopper.

Make it and love it – your wardrobe will thank you!


From Toni’s 2013 post on the finer points of the crocodile stitch – this excerpt will help your skills along nicely.

The crocodile stitch is worked into a base of V-stitches. Begin by working several V-stitches on a base of double crochet or tall stitches and separated by single crochet or short stitches.

On the next row, I worked a multiple of double crochet stitches down the first post of the V-stitch. This is the row that creates the 3-D aspect of the technique. For my “scales,” I worked five double crochet. For larger scales, try working taller stitches or play with working more stitches.

After you have crocheted down the first post of the V-stitch, chain one. Work the same number of double crochets up the second post of the V-stitch. Single crochet in the next single crochet and work the next crocodile stitch in the following V-stitch.

On rows following the 3-D row, work a V-stitch in each V-stitch and a single crochet in each single crochet across. This creates the next base row to work the “scales” into. Now repeat the crocodile stitch in each new V-stitch. Voila! Now you can create the crocodile stitch too. It is really quite simple.

Make It, Love It, Wear It


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