Scale Down a Scarf for an Elegant Bracelet

Crochet is the ideal craft for small gifts with big heart. Devoting your time and ingenuity to someone you love is the best gift there is.

So what on earth do you do for your friends who live in FLORIDA? Or any land of perpetual summer? Besides stare at your stash of lovely warm wool and send them a book?

Thread is my friend, in these cases. So many crocheted accessories can be worked micro-sized, to get an elegant, dainty gift that won’t overheat your loved ones.

Rapunzel Crochet Scarf

I’m particularly fond of turning scarves into bracelets, and the Rapunzel Scarf from our Accessories 2011 special issue is the perfect pattern for it.

I used size 10 thread in five colors and a 1.75 mm hook. I estimated that the braiding would take up about 40% of the length of the strand. That was off, apparently! Closer to 30%, I think. My bracelet ended up too long by about 2”. Fortunately, if you work your end knots loosely, you can undo them and unravel the excess at the end.

Rapunzel Scarf: How to Braid a Crochet Bracelet




I worked five stands as directed in the pattern. Each one took about 30-40 minutes, so close to three hours total. I changed the directions for the joining ends slightly, as I wanted something narrower that I could sew a nice button to.Rapunzel Scarf: How to Braid Crochet






The braiding was easier than I had been expecting. I don’t have a lot of braiding experience, but the directions were easy to follow. You begin by placing the left strand over the one next to it. Then you weave the right strand over and under across the others. You continue to weave just the right-most strand in the same way, and the braid appears!Rapunzel Scarf: Turning a Crochet Scarf into a Crochet Bracelet



The trickiest part was holding the braided ends in place while working along the edge at the end. I lost a little tension in the braid, but I was able to work the slack back through the braid until it was even again. The braiding only took about 10 minutes, and the edging was worked up in just a few more minutes. There was about 30 minutes devoted to weaving in ends. All told, I had a finished project in under five hours. Perfect for a quick gift that still packs a punch!Rapunzel Scarf: This crochet bracelet is easy to crochet and braid.




The pattern itself is fun and fast, and is great worked up in any yarn or weight. We currently have it available in kit form in several great colors, and it’s on sale! It’s a great choice for a project that can be worked in a lot of different ways.

Happy crocheting!



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