Sarah’s New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are, at the start of a new year. Again!

That means it is time for a few plans and resolutions, yes? I was afraid you would say that.

How did all this get here?
Spacer 10x10 pixels Resolution #1: Work from my stash. I say this every year. It is my equivalent of the "lose 10 pounds" cliché. But every year I mean it a little bit more. Gifts, though, are an exception to the rule, as gift recipients often have tastes or needs that aren't fulfilled by stash yarn. This is a pretty handy exception to have when gifts are about the only thing you make. This leads me to my next resolution…

Resolution #2: Craft selfishly. I've been hoarding yarn for things for me for years (which leads to the Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy issue alluded to above). It is about time I use some of it. Resolutions 1 and 2 should help keep each other in line. In theory.

Spacer 10x10 pixels
When did I start these?
Spacer 10x10 pixels Resolution #3: Finish projects! As in, the ones that I started nevermind-how-long-ago.

Where did this come from?

Resolution #4: Spin at least 4oz of fiber every month. This is really a sneaky way of getting around Resolutions 1 and 2. It is working from stash, and condensing the fluffy fiber into yarn makes for more room in the stash closet. Plus, it is new yarn! Yay loopholes! It is also a great excuse for avoiding Resolution 3.
Resolution #5: Teach someone to crochet. Maybe go to a school and teach kids, or go to a shelter and teach anyone who wants to learn, or maybe both. I am also planning on teaching my husband. He doesn't know this yet. I'm hoping I can do it without him really noticing. You might think that wouldn't be possible, if you didn't know him. I'll start by replacing all of the bathroom reading material with the Harmony Guides!.

Have a happy new year full of crocheting!

Until next time,

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