Sarah Read: My Day at the Wool Market


Every year, we look forward to the weekend in June where fiber lovers follow the Big Thompson River to Estes Park. It's a lovely drive, and an even lovelier destination.

This year, my coworkers/friends/neighbors (below from left to right: me, Toni, Joni, and Kate) piled into my car, and we set off in search of cute fuzzy animals and outstanding shopping! We were not disappointed.

I think my favorite animals at the market are the bunnies! I always say I'm going to bring one home with me. One of these days I really will. And no one can claim to be surprised, because I've said it for years. This bunny really wanted skritches. And to come live at my house.

ALPACAS! Is there anything more adorable than an alpaca? No. No, there is not. They always look like they're smiling!

This goat was getting ready to show off his fine coat. He looks like he might be a bit of a diva.

The yearling lamb judging was the perfect place to sit for a while and overlaod on cute. So fluffy and stubborn!

And of course the shopping. I don't have a picture of the vendor's tent, because I NEEDED BOTH HANDS, my friends. No room for cameras. But Lindsay has a picture over on her blog, here! You see? I brought home some beautiful Wensleydale fiber, a neat beaded row counter from Stone Clover designs (, some camel silk lace weight from Skaska designs (, and a wee one-ounce muffin of 80% merino, 15% qiviuk, 5%silk from the Qiviuk boutique! That should keep me busy crocheting for a while! Add to that a cherry lemonade and some candied pecans, and it was pretty much the best day ever.

Toni has considerably more self-control than I do, obviously. I'm not sure what's wrong with her, but I love her anyway!

Do you have fiber festivals near you? I'd love to hear about them! Drop me a note in the comments, bonus awesome points if you include pictures!



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