Crochet Confessions with Salena Baca

You’re not alone, and it really does feel good to confess! Crocheters shared their deepest regrets, mishaps, and taboos with us live on Facebook. Here are our top three confessions, plus some thoughts on each one to help ease your conscience.


One time I lied to my bestie and said I was sick and couldn’t go out to our lunch date . . . but I really just wanted to crochet. She still doesn’t know. — Amanda W.

Without taking a mass poll, I’m going to speak for the crochet world and say that this is an unspoken commonality. Crochet has addictive powers, and when you’re in the zone, nothing short of a natural disaster can make you put your hook down!


I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “knife grip” until a few years ago. I have a “pencil grip.” — Natalia J.

The two main grip styles are knife grip (holding your hook as though you’re cutting with a knife), and pencil grip (holding your hook as though you’re writing with a pencil). These are the most common, but hold your hook in any way that feels natural and comfortable.


I made a temperature blanket using hdc, and it’s long enough to double over like a sleep sack, and I’m five foot eight. — Chris L.

Temperature blankets are made by crocheting one row each day in a color that corresponds to the temperature outside. This temperature blanket ended up being over ten feet long! A great tip to consider: choose a stitch that will work for the length of time you’ll be working on your blanket. Single crochet could be best if you’ll be working on your blanket every day for a year (365 rows).

SALENA BACA is the founder of the American Crochet Association and a crochet author and instructor with more than thirty years of crochet experience. Find her online at

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Confess! You need more crochet in your life!

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