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Spritely Amigurumi
Spritely Amigurumi
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This 2007 year I'm trying to bust through my shallow assumption that rejuvenating relaxation comes from sensory deprivation (or, more accurately, from sensory limitation). I arrived home so late last Thursday night it was really early Friday morning. I did a good job of not working too hard on Friday. Then all weekend, Mr Cme and I went on a home improvement bender. We're renovating our bathroom (the only part of our house that made me cringe when we first saw it – 4.5 years ago) and spent much of Saturday bathtub shopping. It was fun. Seriously.

Yesterday was all about whacking my office into shape. As I've previously mentioned, I spent four months not really knowing what this next year would hold and I pretty much projected that uncertainty onto my workspace. No, this was not the most productive outlet for my neuroses. That said, I didn't trash the house or in other ways get all freaky, so enough about that. Although I'm writing this from inside the house, work later today will occur in my office for the first time in many weeks. Photos once I get my act together enough to charge my camera batteries.

So, about the photo. This was taken (I got a swank cameraphone, baybee) on Saturday at Gramma Cme's. She'd told me months ago that she wanted me to make her a doll, and so I did. This is the lightest-weight yarn I've used for amigurumi (fingering weight), and although I didn't enjoy working to that gauge, I'm happy with how cute the little bugger is. Her name is Ruby. Gramma Cme put her on the mantle, which makes me smile.

Annie Modesitt sent me a link to this video of an artist crocheting herself into a cocoon. Has this already made the rounds? I'm a little out of touch after a week and a half away from home. Speaking of, the trip was awesome. Huge hugs to Cecily and Rob for showing me L.A. in a non-touristy light!

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