Royal Baby Crochet

The British Royal Family has a new member, and she is adorable. I'm sure you have heard the news and seen a picture or two. While I don't follow them in the news, little Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has certainly made a splash, and she will continue to shine for photographers I'm sure.

I, for one, can't wait to see her little outfits. Girls are so much fun to dress! And I am sure her wardrobe will include plenty of lace and handmade items. I would imagine we could see a bit of crochet as well. Crochet is perfect for babies.

The tiny knitted bonnet and blanket she fashionable modeled in photographs is sure cute, but I thought I would find a few crochet items that would be just perfect for the little princess. Here are some beautiful crochet patterns for both babies and the beautiful little girl she will grow to be.

Charlotte Dress by Kathryn Merrick
Solas Coamh by Jodi Euchner
Buttercup Baby by Elissa Sugishita
Christening Bonnet by Máire Treanor Simply Bibs by Lisa Naskrent Babette Blanket by Kathryn Merrick

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