Romper Room Winners!

The quote from yesterday was, indeed, from the old preschool teevee show Romper Room. Andrea googled it and Twinnish didn't, and since it's sunny this morning (*gasp!*) you're both winners! Please email me your mailing address and some stash yarn will be headed your way.

Twinnish implied that I'm too young to have known Romper Room. No way! The show (according to the link above) was produced through the '80s. I vividly recall watching it in the late '70s, hoping and hoping the host would "see" me through her looking glass. I was surprised to see it was produced in Baltimore — I was fairly certain it was taped in NYC. I'd always thought maybe I'd get to be on the show. But then I read on and found out that they actually franchised it. Brilliant!

Ahh, those rainbow days of pigtails and tube socks. Allow me to reminisce…

The Muppet Show was my all-time favourite. Followed by 3-2-1 Contact (I would get totally freaked out by the Bloodhound Gang's Friday mysteries). Then Fraggle Rock (I was older by the time it aired), and then Sesame Street. Despite SS's being lower down on my list, Grover remains to this day my favourite childhood character. Grover, and all the folks from the book Where the Wild Things Are (Let the wild rumpus start!).

What were your childhood favourites? 

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