Romancing the Yarn

So, we're working on the Autumn Romance Pullover, over there in the Crochet-Along forum.

And I've discovered the danger of working with a beautiful yarn (Lorna's Laces brand-new Honor, in the Watercolor colorway).

It's slowing me down.

I'm so mesmerized by the color changes that my fingers slow, I watch the color changes, I am entranced by the unfolding of the thing. (And, yes, I remembered this time to switch balls of yarn every two rows to let the hand-dyed yarn shows its beauty more evenly. This adds to the distraction).

As a result I have finished only the back. I am ridiculously behind in the Crochet-Along, but I am really savoring the crocheting.

So, here is the back, sunning itself on a kayak. I hope to have the front join it by the end of the holiday weekend.

And, if you haven't joined in the Crochet-Along, you can tell by my progress (or lack thereof) that it's not too late to join!

Happy crocheting,



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