Robyn Chachula Designer Spotlight – KDTV 111

Robyn Chachula, author of Blueprint Crochet, appears on Knitting Daily TV episode 111 and shows how to interpret symbol crochet patterns. She illustrates this with the Maggie Wrap cardigan, available as a free download.


Learn the universal symbol language of crochet and create gorgeous patterns with Blueprint Crochet, a graphical interpretation of contemporary designs made just for the visual crafter. Robyn Chachula designs using a graphic pattern treatment called symbol crochet. This graphic pattern treatment is for all crocheters that can understand maps better than verbal directions, illustrations better than narratives, and three-dimensional drawings better than step-by-step directions. Robyn takes each crochet design and breaks it down stitch by stitch and increase by increase in a diagram format so the “visual crocheter” can see, as well as read, each step.

Each project in Blueprint Crochet is broken down into the Plan that shows the overall picture, the Details that show the crochet stitch pattern, and the Construction that shows the steps to assemble the project.

With contemporary designs from trendy to classic, each project offers a fresh take on crochet. Choose from:

  • Effortless motif patterns for purses, earrings, necklaces, and earrings
  • Quick-stitch patterns that are perfect for tunics, wraps, belts or scarves
  • Vogue granny squares that translate wonderfully into sweater coats, comfy tops, shawls, or boleros
  • And stitch-repeat patterns for jackets, dresses, vests, and tops.

Crochet diagrams are internationally recognized universal symbols, so whether you are a crocheter in Japan or Norway you can follow the diagrams and create the projects. With Blueprint Crochet, anything is possible!


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