Must-Try Colorful Crochet Afghans from Reversible Color Crochet

It’s crochet afghan season: the fall air is crisp and a crochet afghan is calling your name! Crochet afghans keep you warm as you make them, they keep you warm long after you’ve finished making them, and they give you the chance to practice new techniques over and over (and over) again.

There’s one technique you really have to try, because it’s perfect for afghans: reversible color crochet. Laurinda Reddig developed this technique and after winning numerous crochet design contests, she wrote a book about reversible color crochet for afghans. Get a taste of her book Reversible Color Crochet below. If you can’t wait to start practicing, check out the Sudoku Afghan Kit available in 2 color choices: Multi and Blue. Each kit includes the book, a pattern for the Sudoku Afghan, and 11 balls of Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash Yarn to make the afghan.

3 Stitches Used in Reversible Color Crochet

1. Reversible Color Change (change to):

Work indicated st to last yo of the st in prev color, yo with new color (Figure 1), and pull through all loops on hook, flip prev color yarnover to back of work between hook and yarn (Figure 2), leaving prev color at top of back of work to be picked up on next row (Figure 3).

reversible color crochet

2. Double Crochet Reversible Color Change (change to):

Carry new color under last st in prev color (Figure 1). With prev color, work final dc to last yo of st (Figure 2), pull new color yarn to hide carried yarn in st, yo with new color and pull through 2 lps on hook, flip prev color yarn (Figure 3) over to back of work between hook and yarn, leaving it ready to pick up on the next row (Figure 4).

3. Late Color Change (late change to):

Work up to last st of same color (Figure 1). Carry new color under last hdc in prev color (Figure 2). Still with prev color, yo, pull through all loops (Figure 3). Pull new color tight to hide under st(s) just made. Drop prev color behind work, pick up new color, complete next hdc with new color. Continue working in new color, leaving first color ready to pick up on next row (Figure 4).

Think of all the impressive afghans you can crochet with reversible color crochet! (And Laurinda Reddig’s Reversible Color Crochet goes through even more stitches and methods!) After I practice on the Sudoku Afghan, I’m thinking of all the possibilities for football season.

Happy afghan stitching to you!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Crochet Afghans for Every Taste and Skill Level

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