Resources for Crochet Ribbing

Lauren Sweater with single crochet ribbed collar.

A recent blog on knitted ribbing has prompted questions on crochet ribbing. While some crocheters do still work knitted ribbing on their crochet projects, crocheted ribbing is gaining popularity and can frequently be found in crochet patterns.

I personally use both. I love the look and feel of single crochet back loop only crochet ribbing worked in sport- or lace-weight yarns. For DK and worsted-weight yarns I often prefer to work in knit for a tighter more elastic ribbing at the sleeve cuffs. What you choose is entirely up to you, but here are some how-to blogs to get you started.

We covered some basic information on knitted ribbing in Your Crochet and Knitted Ribbing.

You can create crochet ribbing using either stitches worked through the back loop only or you can work Back Post and Front Post stitches. Explore both methods in Taking a Little Crochet Ribbing.

You can work the crochet ribbing first and then continue the rest of the piece by working in the row ends or finish the piece and create the crochet ribbing as the last step. Have a look at both methods in How to Create Crocheted Ribbing.

If you are a visual learner, we also have a short video that will show you how to create crochet ribbing called Crochet Ribbing: Join as you Go.

Do you have tips for working crochet ribbing? Share them in the comments.

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Check out these great crochet patterns and practice your crocheted ribbing!

Beautiful crochet ribbing cardigan

Belcarra Cardigan by Robyn Chachula

This colorwork crochet cardigan has great crochet ribbing.

Fall Fields Cardigan by Beth Nielsen

The wide crochet ribbing band is perfect  for this vest.

Trellis Vest by Kristen TenDyke



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