Refreshing Crochet

So, this really started with a feng shui of my desk. I was simply relocating Crochet at Home by Brett Bara (affiliate link) from its vertical holding place on the desk to the shelf with the other crochet books. Then it opened up, I swear to golly, right to the watermelon coasters. And I was pretty sure I had some red yarn. And maybe even three shades of green …

Minutes later, I had a pile of yarn balls and a hook in my hand. And then, a short time later, this happened:

Yarn whimsy that both keeps the table dry and adds a bit of happy during these steamy months. Now that I have the Watermelon Coasters worked up, I don't know how I lived so long without them. (The pattern notes that if you crochet the coasters using yellow yarn, you have lemon slices! or green for limes! or, do all of them for a mixed fruit set!) And, of course, there's the joy of working down the stash a bit—slight though the dent is.

And the book is still talking to me. For instance, much to my family's chagrin, I've banned paper towels from the house (you know, it feels to me like using dollar bills to wipe a pan or the counter, then throwing it away.) So, there's this pattern for pinwheel pot scrubbies. Use, wash, dry, use again!

And I've already made the felted pot handles for the cast-iron pan. This has resulted in a lot less salty language in the kitchen.

Bottom line: Crochet at Home (affiliate link) has moved off my desk, but not to the shelf: It's living in my crochet work area, ready to fall open to the next thing that will make life at home even better. I've got my eye on that Technicolor Cube Ottoman.

See what goodness this book can bring into your home!

Happy crocheting,



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