Our Favorite Red Heart Yarns for Tapestry Crochet!

Red Heart Yarns has all our favorite yarns for tapestry crochet! Tapestry crochet can use a lot of yarn, and its success depends on using the right colors. With affordable yarns in a wide range of colors and weights, Red Heart is the perfect place to start experimenting with this great technique!

Interweave Crochet Spring 2018 features seven tapestry crochet projects to satisfy your curiosity. Dig into the Wilder Dress Yoke; Sundance Tote; Hinterland Hatband; Expedition Backpack; Azul Pillows; Buffalo Belt, or the Santa Fe Backing. And we are not leaving you hanging on technique! The issue also features “Tips and Tricks for Working Tapestry Crochet,” and “4 Variations on Single Crochet for Tapestry.” Pick up your copy – print or digital – and tackle your next stitch addiction with ease!

➊ Red Heart Yarns Super Saver Stripes (100% acrylic; 236 yd [215 m]/5 oz [141 g]; CYCA #4): Super Saver Stripes transitions from one color to the next all on its own, so there’s no need to switch from color to color as you work. Paired here with Super Saver in soft white, Super Saver Stripes creates a striking visual effect in tapestry crochet! Retail price: $4.49

➋ Red Heart Yarns Super Saver Ombre (100% acrylic; 482 yd [440 m]/10 oz [283 g]; CYCA #4): Watch this yarn slowly change color as you work! Super Saver Ombre transitions from light to dark to light again as you crochet. Use this yarn on large tapestry crochet projects to appreciate its full effect. Retail price: $8.99

tapestry crochet

1) Super Saver Stripes, pictured in top swatch, 2) Super Saver Ombre, pictured in lower swatch

➌ Red Heart Yarns Comfort Chunky (100% acrylic; 448 yd [410 m]/12¾ oz [360 g]; CYCA #5): What do you get when you pair chunky yarn with tapestry crochet? A combination that’s perfect for everything from bags to accessories and more. If you’re looking for a great bulky yarn, you’ll definitely want to check out Red Heart Comfort Chunky. Retail price: $9.99

tapestry crochet

➍ Red Heart Yarns Fashion Soft (100% acrylic; 385 yd [352 m]/5 oz [141 g]; CYCA #3): When it comes to tapestry crochet, this lightweight yarn packs a punch. No matter which stitch you use, it’s sure to end up crisp and defined to create the best possible finished project. Retail price: $4.99

➎ Red Heart Yarns Heart & Sole (73% wool, 27% nylon; 187 yd [171 m]/1¾ oz [50 g]; CYCA #1): Proving that fingering weights can be used for more than socks, Heart & Sole has multiple solid- and multicolor options that will work well together to make a range of tapestry crochet projects. Retail price: $4.99

tapestry crochet

4) Fashion Soft, pictured in larger swatch, 5) Heart & Sole pictured in smaller swatch

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