Red Heart Giveaway Week 2

I love to crochet gifts for my four adorable nieces, for my family, and for many of my fabulous friends. Many of those gifts have seen hard wear, and most of them, especially those belonging to my nieces, are frequently washed. That's when I turn to Red Heart. The easy to care for yarn with a soft feel and fabulous colors is a great choice for crochet gifts.

We are headed into the Red Heart Giveaway Week 2, and I am a little jealous of this weeks potential winner.

Week 2 will include six amazing skeins of yarn, each perfect for a crochet gift on your list. You will find 2 balls of Anne Geddes Baby for that little one on your list as well as 2 balls of Heads Up and 2 balls of With Love for that perfect little accessory. The red tote bag will easily fit your current project, supplies for a future project, your favorite book, and any other essentials for the weekend. And don't worry if you forget your crochet hook. You will find a colorful set of Susan Bates crochet hooks as well as a set of knitting needles in case you want to try a new technique.

The Week 2 ends on May 13th, and the winner will be chosen May 14, 2014.

So enter the Red Heart Week 2 Giveaway today!

Best wishes,

P.S. Visit the Red Heart Giveaway page to see each weeks great giveaways. And don't forget that each time you enter you receive another entry into the Red Heart Giveaway Grand Prize!

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