Recycled plastic carton plant pot


Helda Panagary


I’m trying my best to do my bit for the environment. I recycle paper, card. plastic bags and clothes. I use alot of milk and have so many cartons in the recyling bag every week.I came up with the plant pot in a bid to do something about my waste.

I decided to use alternative yarn which was parceling string. The beauty of this pattern is you can use anything as yarn the only thing that limits you is your creativity .In my house nothing is safe.

Make them to match the decor of every room you have, I promise once you start making them you’ll wonder how you lived with out them.

It is a very quick and easy pattern that satisfies those urges to make something now.

Materials List

Crochet hook 4.5mm
parceling string 40-50g
plastic milk bottle

a pair pf scissors

Finished Size



I have not bothered with tension ,I did a few rows with different sized hooks and then decided whether i wanted the stitch to be lacey or very compact.


:All crochet terms are uk terms

:Do not crochet the bottom of the carton as it will be unstable you need it to be flat.

:You have to cut the funnel part of the carton off, you decide the length.

The Pattern

Making this pattern could not be simpler, you decide the stitch you want ,you also choose your hook size.Its cusom made which enables you to not only use those scraps of yarn you have lying around. but also to use any type of ‘yarn’

You can use this in everyroom in the house.I have one in the kitchen to hold cutlery, in the bathroom it holds toothbrushes,my children have one to hold pens.The list is endless.

Hope you enjoy it.

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