Recycle, don´t throw away!


Recycle your old-non-useful CD’s into beautiful coasters


My mug and my diffussor were unhappy placed on an old CD, but the CD felt it was still useful, so I decided to add some thread, and imagination, for making nice coasters

Materials List

-Old CD’s
-Thread, scraps, about 1-2 oz

-2 crochets 2mm (N° 4 steel crochets), one for work the sc , the other to bring the yarn up

Finished Size

12-14 cm diam (4.8-5″ diam)


Not important


You can see the CD, but that is nice too.

The Pattern

Add thread to an old CD, with one crochet, do sc at the outside border, the other one is for bringing the thread for work.
Follow the line of the diam., so no thread will be on top of more thread.
I made shells
1 row : 1 sc,1hdc, 2dc, 1tc, 2dc, 1hdc, 1 sc all in a previous sc, skip 2 sc, shell, all around the border
2 row, ch 5, sc on top of treble, ch 4, ss on first ch (picot made), ch 5, sc between shells.

Iron with steam or a wet towel.

I also made it with simple flowers, or mimic a spider web with a little spider, they look very nice.

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