Crochet Light: Recommendations for Summer Yarns

We love to look at fiber content, yarn color, and, of course, softness. Recently, we have been debating whether or not certain fibers are seasonal. Is cotton only appropriate for summer and wool for winter? That’s something we’ll expound on in a future blog post (Susanna is a seasonal yarn user while I am a free spirit), but for now, Susanna and I have compiled our top picks of summer yarns offered by Cascade Yarns (something we both have quite a bit of in our stashes).

Dana’s Summer Yarn Picks

summer yarns

Cascade Yarns Forest Hills Multis

The beautiful sheen on this laceweight yarn makes the variegated colors pop, and the silk and wool blend is soft to work with and comfortable to wear against your skin. The lace weight makes it a great yarn year round.

Put-up: 51% silk, 49% merino wool; 785 yd (717.5 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #110 ballet
Weight:1/Super Fine
Hook: D/3 (3.25 mm)
Swatch Size: 9” x 3.75”

summer yarns

Cascade Yarns Heritage Wave

Machine wash and dry this soft and durable yarn! Heritage Wave colorways have a gradient color shift, making it a beautiful yarn for projects that have a repeated stitch pattern. I love it for summer because of its lace weight, but I also think this is a yarn that’s great no matter what the weather is doing.

Put-up: 75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon; 437 yd (400 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #508 tropical
Weight: 1/Super Fine
Hook: D/3 (3.25 mm)
Swatch Size: 9.75” x 4.75”

Susanna’s Summer Yarn Picks

summer yarns

Cascade Yarns Anchor Bay

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of cotton and wool, this is it. I’m not going so far as to say I’d use it outside, but I’d definitely use it during the summer if I were inside, in the air conditioning. Stitches made using this yarn are crisp and hold shape well. It’s a great blend for those who want a little depth to their cotton.

Put-up: 50% cotton, 50% superwash merino wool; 262 yd (240 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #10 dark teal
Weight: 3/Light
Hook: H/8 (5 mm)
Swatch Size: 14.75” x 6.5”

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima Fine Peruvian Tones

Talk about one fine yarn—and I’m not just talking about the weight. This Pima cotton has a great feel and drape and will be perfect for any summer project you want to be light, lacy, and airy.

Put-up: 100% Pima cotton; 273 yd (250 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #4
Weight: 2/Fine
Hook: H/8 (5 mm)
Swatch Size: 13.75” x 8.5”

summer yarns

Cascade Yarns Avalon Multis

Avalon Multis is a unique yarn. Made up of 4 twisted strands of 2-ply cotton, this yarn creates a truly beautiful look. It’s worsted, so you may not want to use it for everything, but it’s definitely a contender when it comes to summer yarns.

Put-up: 50% cotton, 50% acrylic; 175 yd (160 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #301 denim
Weight: 4/Medium
Hook: H/8 (5 mm)
Swatch Size: 15” x 6.5”summer yarns

Cascade Yarns Hampton

This lovely blend of cotton and linen is great for summer projects. You can see it used in both the swatch and in Nicoletta Tronci’s (aka NTMaglia) Spiral Seashell Top in Interweave Crochet Summer 2017 ]. Check it out; it will definitely make you want to add some to your stash!

Put-up: 70% Pima cotton, 30% linen; 273 yd (250 m)/3.5 oz (100 g); #11 denim
Weight: 3/Light
Hook: H/8 (5 mm)
Swatch Size: 14” x 6.25”I think you need a conclusion here—just a short couple of sentences to wrap things up.

Swatch Pattern

The swatches for each yarn recommendation above are made from an abbreviated version of the Charleston Wrap from Love of Crochet Weekend Crochet 2013. By looking at statistics on, we learned that this shawl out-ranks all other projects printed in Love of Crochet from 2012-2016 (the magazines first five years). It has the most hearts and the most projects made.

Join us in making this beautiful wrap. The pattern is quick to learn and is a great project to work on while on-the-go. Add edging to one side like the pattern instructs, or on both sides to create a lacier scarf as seen in the Ultra Pima Fine Peruvian Tones cowl pictured above.


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