Ready! Set!

This morning I gave my very first radio interview over the phone, with Kathy and Steve of the famously fabulous WEBS, to be part of their podcast on Saturday May 26th. We chatted about Crochet Me and about the book and about the magazine. They're so much fun!

Leading up to the interview I had thoughts I don't usually have, and I came to understand that the Harlot doesn't lie about the things that go through her mind before interviews (not that I ever thought she was lying; I'm a habitual embellisher, so, you know, I often assume other people are, too). For example, this thought screamed at me at one point: “Don't talk about your bra size!” Why would I think that? And also, why would I do that? I have no idea. I was also concerned I'd use foul language (I didn't). Or that I'd say something innocuous that would totally offend people in some unforeseeable way (this is not something I usually worry about). In the end, I'm pretty sure all I did was talk way too fast (something I'm pretty good at not doing in front of live people or on TV).

So. May 26th, you can hear my voice. I'm hoping this fall I'll get to hear yours too!

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