Read – It Does a Body Good

I published the new issue last week, then seemingly fell off the planet. Really what I did was fall into our kitchen. A kitchen renovation is disruptive and stressful under all circumstances, and especially so when you work from home. I'm giddy to report that as I write this (from Mr. Crochet me's garage-***-office because my basement office is directly under the kitchen), a very kind man is installing our new cabinets. Up to this point, we've (read: mostly my husband) done all of the work ourselves. Demolishing was tres cool, and loud. Painting was fun, with the help of a good friend. Sanding the floors was… interesting, and loud. The arrival of new appliances over the weekend was like we won the lottery. And today, our kitchen will begin to look like new. I can't wait. (Also, I can't wait because I'm a hermit when I work, and I'm like a hypersensitive roommate to all of the Mr.'s quirks while I'm out here.)

I've managed, though, to put together our spring book reviews. There's lots of books, yo! Go read some.

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