Ravelry’s Top 3 Faves from Interweave Crochet Fall 2019

Fall has only just arrived, and Interweave Crochet is on the case, offering us lovely projects that embody this colorful season. The two project stories featured in Interweave Crochet Fall 2019 – “Fall Spice” and “Weekends at Home” – reflect the cozy nesting time that comes with cooler weather. Digging into Ravelry to understand what stitchers are embracing within this issue will take you on a mission of crafty discovery. Classic cardigan? Check. Trending home décor? Check. A brilliant pullover, perfect for layering? Check, check, check. Raise those hooks and get ready for action, crocheters! Here are your top 3 Ravelry choices from Interweave Crochet Fall 2019.

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Journey Home Cardigan by Michelle Moore

This project keeps building the Ravelry love, coming in at 146 likes at the time of this writing. Could it be the seamed construction? The crochet cables? Perhaps it is simply the deep wearability. Michelle Moore’s design suggests fall festivals, apple picking errands, and those days when sitting outside is about hot cocoa and the subtle but unmistakable smell of decaying leaves.

The chosen yarn, Sugar Bush’s Rapture, is a supersoft Llama and merino feel good blend. It will be a pleasure to handle from start to finish. This is the cardi that you make for yourself, to get through the holiday season and beyond in cuddly comfort.

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Deneb Throw by Jennifer Olivarez

The “Weekends at Home” story is a beautiful reminder of how handmade objects can morph a space into something special. If you are into make and give ideas that fall outside the ubiquitous hat/scarf combo, we’ve got 3 pillows, 2 wall hangings, 2 rugs, 2 throws, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, not really. But that partridge would be amigurumi, if it were true.

Back to the Deneb Throw. Over 130 Ravelry likes brings this design in as the second favorite choice from this issue. This keepsake piece sparkles with a star motif that would brighten any room, whether it be a sleeping space or living space. The nine graphic motifs are joined after assembly, and the border is added when the joining is complete.

Are you ready to impress a worthy gift recipient with this striking design? Or will you make it for yourself so you can admire your handiwork on the regular?

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Photo Credit: Harper Point Photography

Grille Pullover by Amy Gunderson

Amy Gunderson has done it again with a relaxed design that can be casual in its presentation or punched up as office wear. Open grid-like stitches will look great layered over your favorite tee, or over a comfy button-down top. Coming in at a respectable third as a fave from Interweave Crochet Fall 2019, this is the Grille Pullover. Your crafty hands need to get busy now on this easy to love garment.

Gunderson is right on target with her plus size options in this design, and the broad appeal of the Grille Pullover is evident right down to the method that is used to create it. The front, back and sleeves are worked flat from the bottom up. An edging that resembles knitted I-cord is added to the sleeves, neck and hem. This is a simple approach for a garment that is deeply wearable, destined to become a layering go-to.

What are you cooking up in the way of crochet from this issue? Will it be an accessory or a garment? Will it be home décor in the form of pillow, throw, or wall hanging? Whatever you might be searching for in the way of a new crochet project, this issue of Interweave Crochet  has got you covered.

Craft on, crafters –

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