Ravelry 101 for Crocheters

When you need a shawl, sweater, hat, or afghan with very specific features, do you know how to search for the perfect crochet pattern out of the thousands of designs on the internet? I have a lot of crochet patterns in my collection, but I still am a frequent visitor to Ravelry.com. Have you checked it out?

How to Use Ravelry 101 for Crocheters and Knitters
On Ravelry, I can search for patterns by technique, category, yarn size, and even narrow my search to just see free patterns. I also have a favorites list that is perhaps a bit large—okay, I don’t really think a pattern list could be too large.

But one of my favorite things about Ravelry is the ability to see pieces that other people have finished. If I am wondering how a pattern will look in a larger size or a different color, I can check out pictures from fellow crocheters of their finished works. Sometimes they will even post tips or modifications they have made.

And if you’ve fallen in love with a pattern but can’t find or can’t afford the yarn recommended, Ravelry has fantastic tools for helping you find the perfect substitute.

Jennifer Raymond will be joining us on Thursday, May 5th to teach us how to use Ravelry to our best advantage, from advanced pattern searching to yarn substitution. Hurry and reserve your spot for Ravelry 101: Searching and Using Ravelry Live Webinar today.

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