Raining Cats and Dogs

In less than a week, the Winter Olympics will begin here in Vancouver. I was pretty down on the whole thing for a while, but I've managed to let my bitterness go and feel the excitement as our small city gets ready for about the hugest event any city could host.

Now, a topic that's always on tap in this city is the weather, and this month the chatter is pretty much non-stop on account of the record-breaking warmth and rain. Yeah, the same year skiers and snowboarders and ice athletes from all over the world come here, our local mountains are trucking snow in from hundreds of kilometres away so the Games can go on.

But this is not what I want to be writing about. I want to write about local crocheter Howie Woo, who's just done some crochet yarn bombing in Vancouver of the celebrating-rain sort.

Yeah, we Vancouverites take pride in our (often dreary, sometimes nasty) weather, even when it threatens to thwart massive international sporting events.

Hey, speaking of the Olympics, are you doing any crafts-related activities during the Games?

[Hat tip to @RebecaVelasquez]

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