Rain and Deadlines

Ah, the quiet calm after server problems are solved for a mere 20% increase in fees per month.

It's pouring rain today, with a sustained daytime darkness level that rates, on a scale of 1 to Depressingly Gloomy, on the hardcore depressingly gloomy end. Motivation is hard to come by. Naps sing their sweet, sweet siren song.

I'm working to a book deadline on Friday. Just as Get Hooked hits shelves, I'm plugging away on its follow-up. (It doesn't have a title yet. Sigh.) And right after I send this puppy to my editor, I'm going to work non-stop preparing for the tour. I figure I'll have a good, long relaxing day or two sometime in the end of October. Heh.

The good news is I think I've fixed the problems with Amy's new blog, so she should be able to pick up any slack I leave by posting about the CAL. Oh, my, how psyched we are that interest is so high. It should be a wickedly fun time. (Having fixed her blog also means you should be able to subscribe to its RSS feed directly; if you're already subscribed to our main blog feed, you'll automatically see her posts.)

Dude. Can you tell I'm a soggy mess today?

Here, I'll distract you. This guy is Humphrey. He's one of our tour mascots. Pattern to come.

Meet Humphrey

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