A Raffia Crochet Project to Brighten Your Life

There is an exotic lure to raffia. Yes, raffia. I’m talking about the fiber that is found in shoes, twine, and textiles. It is also used to graft trees. This hardworking material is derived from multiple species of Palm, with deep origins in Madagascar. And that is where the exotic lure comes into play.

Because, this:

Pierre-Yves Babelon | Getty Images

And so when I see a raffia crochet project like the First Light Crochet Rug, my imagination takes me away to the above beach – and to the other, multiple visions that are offered by a Google Image search on Madagascar.

It is absolutely okay for you to participate in this journey with me, because dare I say it, “winter is coming.” At one point you will be staring through the living room window at the car in the driveway whose purpose is to ferry you to work. You will realize as you stare that one cannot scrape an ice-encrusted windshield on a Monday morning without feelings of fury and rage.


In that moment, you should be standing in your bare feet on this rug. You should be seeking the calming vision of that faraway place being fed through the soles of your feet. It is tropical. It is alluring. It is not Fargo.

Crafting Daily Inspiration

Are my aspirations lofty? Is applying a hook to raffia and creating a piece of home décor enough to help rise above a January day that promises only a wind chill and freezing rain? Give it your best shot.

This bright piece of home décor will draw the eye, whether it is layered on tile, a hardwood floor, tile, or another rug – or under a side table or ottoman. Why not find a place for it just within your front door? It will serve as a reminder that summer will come again.

Little pieces of the handmade life sprinkled into our daily routine should absolutely inspire. No, a raffia crochet project does not have the power to change the weather. But it might have a little influence on changing one’s outlook. And that is definitely worth a try.

Cheers and keep crafting,


Featured Image Credit: Harper Point Photography

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