Rad Meet-Up in NYC

During my recent 12-day trip back east, I spent 2-ish days in Manhattan. Despite much work excitement, the highlight of my trip was spending a morning with the very same 7th-grade friend I wrote about here, and her mom. How cool that the stars aligned to bring us both to NYC on the very same day. As fibre enthusiasts often do, we chose to meet at School Products. My fab friend had never been there, and so we caught up after a decade or so while walking and looking and touching and deliberating. She got yarn to make a scarf/shawl for her mom and a cone of yummy brown tweed to make herself a sweater (don't you want to see it? Shouldn't she start a blog? You'd read it, right? Leave lots of comments telling her to start a blog, please! I'm mounting a worldwide campaign). I got the hanks in this picture — 100% merino intended eventually to become a lace shawl (or two):


We all went out for a yummy and long lunch, during which I was thrilled to discover that the ease of our emails was not a fluke — we had lots to talk about, and it was a really great time. During lunch my friend whipped out a most unexpected and lovely gift for me:

Rad gift

The bag on the left is 2 oz. of angora/lambswool roving, and on the right is camel/silk top that is the softest fiber I have ever fondled. She also gave me a postcard and magnet from North Carolina (her home for the last several years), and a chocolate tar heel that's already been eaten. I am determined to improve my spindle spinning now! Thank you, thank you for this awesome gift. (I felt like a true low-life when I gave her just a measly pink Chibi from Japan, but felt better when she told me about the pink Chibi that sold on eBay for a few hundred dollars. Phew. And anyway, don't you want her to show you her pink Chibi? Leave another comment and tell her as such. She'll buckle under the pressure eventually, no?)

Anyhoo, sufficiently sated, we headed next to Habu Textiles where she'd been before but where I had not. As would be expected, it was a unique yarn buying experience, and I left with the blue cone of silk yarn (and a red cone for my mom) in the photo.

Then we parted ways, and I sat relaxed and happy during my train ride home, watching the foliage pass and feeling grateful for serendipity.

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