I'm back at the "office," and I'm going to warm up for what I like to call my issue launch crunch by sharing a bit of what goes on behind the curtain here at Crochet me Mobile Headquarters.

  1. Coffee? Check.
  2. Music? Check.

    (An odd bit about music: I go through phases. Most recently, it's been a bit of a hipster phase – Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Psapp, Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service. But, of course, throughout the phases persist the tried and true. I won't share all of my tried and true, but I'll share that I have a longstanding, durable, and deep love for Paul Simon. I'll even admit that, although it's surprising, I've always found him inexplicably sexy, too. Simon & Garfunkel's was the first music that spoke to my soul, back when I was a tween and feeling alone and empty. "I am a rock," they sang, and I felt like one, too. Since my uncle's funeral last weekend, Simon & Garfunkel is the only music I've been able to listen to. It's not that my uncle was a big fan, or anything. He was a Beatles buff and loved The Band. But he loved Brooklyn more than anyone I know, and although S & G are from Queens, I'm from Brooklyn, and I associate their homages to NYC with my own love of my hometown. So this issue is coming to you with Simon & Garfunkel endlessly looping in the background.)

  3. Edited patterns and articles? Check.

    Have I mentioned that Julie and Jenna are the awesomest? After patterns and articles are accepted for publication and the contributors send me their final versions and photos, Julie and Jenna edit them. Julie does massive amounts of math and crocheting to make sure the patterns are error-free and are written as clearly as possible. Jenna does less math, but she fine tunes the articles so they speak to you as effectively as they can. Without Julie and Jenna the magazine couldn't exist anymore, now that it's gotten so big. They seriously rock my world.

  4. Tech geek fun? Check.

    This new issue will be the first to appear in our brand-spanking-new back-end. "Back-end" is what we tech geeks call the coding that makes web sites work. Up to now, I coded each issue separately and created each page one-by-one. But, as I mentioned above, the site has gotten big. And it's only gonna get bigger! You deserve to be able to search it and browse it and interact with it more than my old, static HTML pages would allow you to do. And we need to be able to work with it and update it and change it in an efficient and headache-free manner. So the new issue will go live in a content management system (CMS) that I've spent the last several weeks setting up (with the help of Mr. Crochet me, who's a fab programmer and wrote custom code just for us). In order to get the new issue out ASAP, some of the navigation will be wonky for a short time, 'cause I'll save that stuff for after the issue goes live.

Speaking of which, I've babbled for long enough, and my synapses now seem to be firing at full force. I'll dive back into it, now, and will post again when the issue's up!

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