Quick One-Skein Projects for Handspun Yarn


We're all about spinning this week at Interweave Crochet.

I just recently began learning to spin. And as I embark on my spinning journey, I appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into one skein of yarn.

I have a lovely skein of yarn hand spun by my mother, who has been spinning for 20 years. I'm almost ready to stop admiring it and crochet it into something wonderful. What is the perfect crochet project for this skein of handspun yarn?

When selecting a pattern to work in handspun yarn, here are some things to consider, as with any yarn: the weight, the fiber content and the yardage. I have about 2 oz of worsted weight wool—about 13 yards —so I may need to supplement my little handspun skein with another yarn. My yarn is brightly colored, suitable for an accessory or an accent. The first day of spring is just over a month away and I'm yearning for those warm days. I'd like to make something little and carefree that reminds me of spring's promise.

After scouting the Interweave online store, I've narrowed my choices down to three: the Four Corners Headband, the Breezy Hat, or a narrower version of the Simple Stitched Belt. Now I just have to narrow my choices to one and begin crocheting. Hmm, which should it be? Leave me your comments or suggestions on Crochet Me. Also let me know about your experience crocheting handspun yarns.

I'll let you know what project ends up "winning" and you're welcome to join me in whipping up a springtime reminder project. I'll be starting a Crochet-Along here.

Four Corners Headband Spacer 10x10 pixels

Breezy Hat

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Simple Stitch Belt

Best wishes,

Toni Rexroat

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