Quick Kids Hats Make Great Costumes

Growing up, we had a box in the basement that was full of dress-up clothes. Old dresses from my Grandmother, second-hand store finds, and old Halloween costumes could all be found in this box of treasures. We loved pulling it out and transforming ourselves into characters from our imagination. The only problem was that box was reserved for special occasions.

We all know kids love to dress up, and as you are searching for that perfect costume this Halloween, why not choose something that allows them to play dress-up while still staying warm. These kid's crocheted hats will create quick costumes, but are also perfect for winter accessories.

  Who could resist a cute little vampire? The Lil' Vampire Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson is easy, and I love the pointy ears. The earflaps and fuzzy yarn will keep your little monster warm, and the little fangs will allow your little one's imagination to run wild.
  Warmer and even sillier, the Nessie Balaclava, also designed by Brenda K.B. Anderson, transforms the wearer into a mythical sea monster. The stretchy extended single-crochet stitch pattern allows the close-fitting neck to be pulled over the head, making it perfect for really cold adventures in the snow.
  Delve into children's rhymes for the perfect costume. The Stocking Hat by Judith L. Swartz is perfect for a Wee Willie Winkie or Jack (of be nimble fame). Plus this pattern is a perfect stashbuster; simply swap the self-striping yarn for odds and ends from your stash.

The Pumpkin Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson is a classic for a reason. The bright orange and elastic crochet stitch are perfect for this time of year. I especially love the stuffed stem and curly leaf. This easy crochet hat is quick and makes a perfect gift as well.

Create a quick and easy costume with these fun crochet kid's hats, plus two cupcake hats, a monster hat, and a set of T-Rex hat and mittens. Download your Kid's Crochet Hats pack today.

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P.S. What will you be dressing up as this year? Will your costume include crochet?

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