Quick Holiday Crochet Projects

crochet hat .

'Tis the season for quick gifts!

Here are a hat and cowl that I crocheted for a co-worker over the past two weeks. I used Brown Sheep Lanaloft, which is a great wool: a soft, worsted single with a bit of shine to it, and a 5 mm hook.

The hat is a simple one: double crochet in spiral rounds from the top down (as explained in Marty Miller's "Circle into Hats" article from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010). Susan said she wanted it to cover her ears, so I worked the last few rounds with 15 sts of sc at the front, so it wouldn't also cover her eyes. Then I tidied the edge with a round of loose slip stitches.

crocheted cowl The cowl was worked lengthwise in griddle stitch, then I worked a row of [dc in next st, ch 1, sk next st] across, then worked a [dc, ch 1] in each ch-1 sp for each row, until I had 4 sts left. Then I worked a dc, ch 2, dc in last st to create a larger button loop. I sewed a variety of cute wooden buttons to the end, in random places, so she could button it however she wanted, with the mesh end providing plenty of buttonhole options!

They were fun, fast projects, and she looks so cute in them!

I imagine we're all on the lookout for fast projects at this point. Aren't we? Please tell me I'm not alone…
Check back tomorrow, and if all goes according to plan, I'll have a few more quick projects to share!
Wait…how many days do we have left…?

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