Quick Crocheted Gifts: Orchard Mitts

I have begun my countdown—so many gifts to make and so little time until they need to be mailed or delivered. I want gifts that can be completed quickly but that don’t look like quick projects but like a gift of my time. With the cold winters around here I think the Orchard Mitts from the Fall 2009 issue are going to be a hit. I can finish a pair in about 3 hours which fits my schedule perfectly, and the canvas of the perfect spike stitch sparks my creativity. I have started a third pair, each pair is slightly different. I chose a single color for the mitts but added a border of a variegated yarn. P1010858 You can achieve a beautiful finished piece by embroidering on the top of a finished crochet fabric. I haven't done a great deal of embroidery, but a simple flower seemed like a fabulous idea. You can either freehand a design or find one to copy on the internet or from a book. I found a picture and attempted to use it to inspire my freehand version. P1010854 I will finish up the embroidery this week and share finished pictures next week. I would love to hear your ideas on how to modify or embellish the Orchard Mitts pattern or see pictures of your own pieces. Best wishes, Toni

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