Quick Crocheted Flowers/ Buttons


Here is a quick recipe for tiny crochet flowers, that I used as buttons for my crochet cardigan.

Materials List

3.75mm hook (US Size F)
Peaches & Creme Article 930 HC Ecru

Peaches & Cream Article 930 HC 133 Shaded Denim

Although this recipe can be used for any yarn and hook size

Finished Size

Approx. 1.5″ diameter




Stitches and Techniques used:
Adjustable Ring
Single Chain

Double Crochet

The Pattern

* Make an adjustable ring.
* 9 Single Chains in the ring.
* Join with slip stitch to the first single chain.
* Chain 2 (counts as first double crochet) in the first single chain.
* double crochet in the same single chain.
* 2 double crochets each in each of the next 8 single chains. (Total 18 double crochets)
* Join with slip stitch with the first 2 chains that were counted as 1 double crochet.

* Cut yarn leaving enough to weave in.

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