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Orchard MittsIt is that gift-giving time of year again, when I pause and remember all of those people who are dearest to me—parents, siblings, grandparents, and close friends. As each new issue of Interweave Crochet arrives and I leaf through the pages I tell myself, "My mom would love those socks," or, "That hat would look great on my sister." I begin a kind of mental holiday gift list. Unfortunately, that is as far as the list gets until about November when I retrieve all of the mental notes and ideas and finally put them to paper before panicking at the less than two months before each needs to be crocheted, blocked, and lovingly Orchard Mittsencased in brilliant wrapping paper.

This year I am determined to create a homemade Christmas present for each person in my family. Finding yarn is not a problem—my yarn stash could easily withstand 10 Christmas lists—but I need quick, spectacular projects. With a stack of Interweave Crochet Magazines by my side, I began short list for the perfect quick and easy crochet gifts.

The Orchard Mitts by Chelsea Norquay from the Fall 2009 issue quickly caught my attention. A pair can be Orchard Mittsfinished in a few evenings, and as the snowstorms of winter settle in, I again appreciate the warmth and mobility brought by a pair of fingerless mitts.

The other thing I love about these crocheted mitts is their versatility. There is no end to the creativity you can apply to this design. Play with the colors—work them in a single, rich color for an elegant accessory for your mother-in-law, or combine contrasting colors for your fashionista sister. I whipped up a simple flower, the Spring Time motif on page 114, from the Harmony Guides: Crochet Stitch Motifs for youthful flair.

Two projects down, about a dozen more to go. Luckily there are dozens more quick and easy gift ideas for stunning presents. To start, try the Allspice Hat, Boteh Scarf, Tapestry Crochet Bag, or Rib & Fan Socks or leaf through the back issues from your own library or online for more ideas.

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