Quick and Easy Sponge Scrubby


Jennifer Christensen


This scrubby came out of a need for a new one for my kitchen.

I think it works rather well and I really like it.

Materials List

1 ball Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton*
6 “ wide Tulle* (I used the JoAnn Craft Essentials Tulle Spool,
6” wide in a 20 yard spool)
9 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Finished Size

approx. 4″x4″


not really important for this project.


*Note: I do not recommend using netting. Netting is to stiff and more abrasive than tulle. This pattern uses 2 strands held together, but only 1 ball is needed, so use both ends (the inside and outside) of the cotton.

The Pattern

Holding 2 strands of the cotton together, Ch 17
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch to the end. (16 sc)
Rows 2 & 3: Ch 1, turn, hold tulle on top of row 1, working around the tulle, Sc in each stitch to end of row. (16 sc) Pick up the tulle.
Row 4: Ch 1 with the tulle only and working over the 2 strands of cotton, Sc in each stitch to end of row. (16 sc) Pick up the cotton.
Rows 5 & 6: Ch 1 with the cotton and working over the tulle, Sc in each stitch to end of row. (16 sc) Cut the tulle.

Row 7: Ch 1, Sc in each stitch to end, Finish off.

Fold piece in half matching up stitches (8 Sc on top of each side). Working through both sides, join tulle in stitches nearest to fold, placing tail of tulle inside fold. Sc in same stitch as join and in each of next 6 stitches, 3 Sc in corner stitch, working along side, work 5 Sc, 3 Sc in corner, (Note: I recommend stuffing all ends inside scrubby before finishing the last side.)

Sc in next 7 stitches. Optional: Ch 9 and join in last Sc for hanging loop. Finish off.

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